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the coolest, most awesome,talented?,nicest girl ever..
by Daisy February 27, 2005
The word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent.
"I can get any girl if I just use a bit of the old mojo"

"Man, that girl has MOJO!"

"God help me, I think I've lost my mojo!"
by Daisy December 28, 2003
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) is a music video by My Chemical Romance. In the video, the guys from MCR are kids in high school who are getting picked on by the jocks. They get fed up with it and go after them with croquet mallets. It's like a trailer for a fake movie.
I'm not o-fucking-kay!
by Daisy April 01, 2005
the tight panties worn under the cheerleading outfit.
Are you ready yet?
Wait a minute! I just have to get my spankies on!!
by Daisy May 27, 2005
1) To steal

2) To arrest
Luke's been nabbed with his hand in the till again.
by Daisy May 12, 2005
When someone/something makes life so much better...
Nath rocks my world! He is completely amazing
by Daisy August 25, 2003
This is the millenium entry for "nob" deriving from the terms prick, penis, cock, dick or dickhead. Personal insult directed at the candidate for acts of pure nobberism.
You absolute f***ing nobber
by Daisy December 09, 2003
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