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To chill, sit, or lie around with the intention of stimulating the brain as little as possible.

Also Veggin' or Veggin' out
Carl: "Dude what's 2+2?"
Jake: "Hell, I dunno, I'm veggin.'"
by The Ugly One November 19, 2003
to relax to the point of killing brain cells, thus becoming more of a vegetable.
i just haven't been relaxing enough lately, so i need to vegetate harder.
by chuckybubbles September 11, 2011
v. to lay low for an extended period of time; incommunicado.
Ain' talkin' to no one, just wanna vegetate and get petrified.
by observer of the obvious November 17, 2003
the act of being a vegetable.lack of energy over all lazy-ness.a better way of saying coach patato
dude all i wanna do is vegetate after four hours of gym class
by mike swartout July 29, 2006
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