Not Appropriate For Facebook.

Acronym used when someone posts something inappropriate on your Facebook page.
Example 1

Friend: Dude, you were so hammered last night. I cannot believe you hooked up with Brian's girlfirend...

You: NAFF, Man!

Example 2

Friend: Ha Ha, I tagged you in that pic of us smoking weed out of the bong we made out of an apple.

You: NAFF man! Work people are on here!
Example 3

Friend: Everyone, please pray for my grandmother to have a bowel movement... it has been a week!
You: Please, that is sooo NAFF...

by joshuam121 April 11, 2010
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He said he was going to eat the booty like groceries , ole dude a naff .
by Youngin$ July 13, 2016
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