a synonym for fucked up or fucked. The word was invented in New Zealand when there was a major earthquake in Christchurch. People realized they couldn't keep saying "this is fucked as" or "everything is fucked". So they came up with "munted as" or "munted".
"this is road is munted as" or "look at that house, its munted".

you can also use it to describe someones face after a fight, "man you look munted as mate"
by mslkiwi December 22, 2011
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To have intoxicated yourself with alcohol and/or chemicals to such point where respectable levels of social and/or physical functioning become problematic; where you are also (quite possibly) chewing a lot.
In short, a state of complete and utter trashedness!
'Bert was so munted he couldn barely string a sentance together, and was chewing his face off like a gurning twat'
by anon May 22, 2004
completely twatted of your face & gurning like a water buffalo.
fuck me, I was munted last night.
by fluffy February 26, 2003
Broken, not workable for its origanal purpose.
A boat full of holes is munted.

John howard is really munted.
by Tara Eve October 12, 2004
damaged, broken, deformed, fucked-up, drunk
We'll have to walk; my car's munted!
by Paddy Smith April 11, 2003
(1) adj. refers to the property of an object (or person) as broken, ruined, significantly damaged, disfigured or deformed, often to the extent that it is not reversable or repairable.
(2) adj. an extreme state of intoxication by way of drugs or alcohol such that the subject's ability to perform basic tasks such as walking and talking are significantly impared.

In New Zealand and Australian slang, 1 is the more common sense, and in UK slang 2 is more common.
(1) Fuck, that car just got totally munted.
(2) I got so munted last night, I don't remember how I got home.
by theflyingnerd December 05, 2007
to put it simply, fucked. covers everything.
1. "this piece of shit stereo is really munted now."
2. "yeah, sorry bout that, i was well munted last night"
by __lux__ September 19, 2006
stuffed up, wrecked.
I munted my drawing.
This picture is munted
by Abby January 21, 2005
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