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completely twatted of your face & gurning like a water buffalo.
fuck me, I was munted last night.
by fluffy February 26, 2003
Coolest,smartest, fastest sexiest, brown, damn pll alive. If you mess with us you get ur ass kicked biAtch.
Shiz yo that srilankan kicked all of our asses. Bitch Cum HERRE!!
by Fluffy November 20, 2004
Towel put down to catch sex juices and sweat, so as not to mess up the clean bed sheets, the back seat of the car etc.
I just changed the sheets. Better use the fuck towel this time.
by fluffy June 14, 2006
A Breast
by Fluffy July 16, 2003
A word Created by myself using Scrabble. It is a meaningless word which can mean anything from "FUCK YOU" to "You're SOOOO cute."
You bijnoty whore

You're Totally bijnoty.
by Fluffy June 02, 2004
something people type when they cant think of anything
it has been said to be one of the top passwords used
when i am bored, i will randomly type qwerty
by FLuffy June 03, 2015
the meanest person,she is also very mean when she is on her pms and loves children..
verymean but u must stay far away from her very far.
by fluffy January 24, 2005

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