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What happens to your brain if you try to understand what the heck George W. Bush is saying. What your brain is if you do.
If things like:

"We've tripled the amount of money — I believe it's from $50 million up to $195 million available." —George W. Bush, Lima, Peru, March 23, 2002

are clear to you, you are damaged.
by smartin September 04, 2006
To be rejected or hurt or dumped by someone you're romantically interested in. Common symptoms include sleeping a lot, feeling like you're going to die, and wanting desperately to take a toaster bath.
Man, I got damaged today, and it hurt like hell.
by Kongamuse October 31, 2011
A description of a person that you think is too good to be true, so you make an excuse to lessen her value.
Molas- I met this beautiful girl today.
obiy- umm Who is it?
Molas- her name is Christina. She is an amazing person.
Obiy- Is she damaged?
Molas- why do you say that?
Obiy- If a person is too good to be true, I think that person may be damaged.
by The Great One aka Allah April 21, 2008
drunk; wasted; how you would describe yourself the night before, the day after a night of drinking.
"damn last night was mad fun, i was so damaged!"
by QueenMouth January 16, 2009
2008 single by the girl group Danity Kane.

While this song, unaltered, is arguably the most painfully and addictively horrible song ever released to radio, it can be made infinitely better by substituting "heart" out for "brain".

"My brain is damaged...damaged...damaged..."
by voidsoul July 28, 2008
Def1: stupid, uncool, basically anything disliked.
Def2: What's wrong with you?? "What's your damage" or "Damaged!!"
Girl 1: Did you see her new outfit?
Girl 2: I know, that was soo damaged!!
Girl 1: I kinda liked it...
Girl 2: What's your damage today??
by inXandXoutXofXlove March 16, 2009
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