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to put it simply, fucked. covers everything.
1. "this piece of shit stereo is really munted now."
2. "yeah, sorry bout that, i was well munted last night"
by __lux__ September 19, 2006
n n n n knickers. undies. drawers. bottom clothes...
"fack, i've been wearing me gruds inside out all day"
by __lux__ September 19, 2006
used to describe someone who is totally the opposite of any one desirable trait, ie. someone who is very uncool, very ugly, very stupid etc.
generally used by those who are well-endowed with the particular trait they refer to, ie. supercool, beautiful, fit etc.
"oh lordy, look what tracey has done to her hair!"
"aye, she's such a fucking non"
by __lux__ September 19, 2006

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