To be completely ruined, destroyed indefintely.
Your TV's munted as all hell.
by bondy April 09, 2005
A technical term describing the state of Christchurch sewer system after February 2011 Earthquake.
"Our main sewer truck is seriously munted," Mayor Bob Parker told TVNZ. "I believe that is the technical term."
by Adulcia February 28, 2011
In New Zealand slang, 'munted' refers to something which is utterly destroyed.
From the New Zealand Herald:

Christchurch resident Jane Smith, who works in the central city, earlier told the Herald a work colleague had helped with rescue efforts after a building facade collapsed on a bus on Colombo St.

"There's people dead. He was pulling them out of a bus. Colombo St is completely munted," she said.
by Hugh___Jass February 21, 2011
Broken, beyond any form of repair, compeletely useless.
You've really gone and munted it now
by Paula-Rose June 28, 2005
An item that no longer works; is without use.
My CD player is totalled munted - i'll have to get it fixed.
by cazzhendrix June 12, 2003
Broken; damaged; not functioning correctly.
If I was to take to someone's car with a baseball bat the panels would become munted
by Alex (inspired by Lee) April 26, 2008
When some thing is destroyed, misshapen or wrecked.
"see that car crash?"
"Yeah. The car got munted"
by blackie_nz_rox July 27, 2007

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