1: New Zealand term for "retard".

2: Broken beyond repair.
"Dude, you're fucking munted!"

"HAHA, that munted girl just walked into a wall!"

"My phone is so munted! Guess I'm going shopping for a new one..."

"That fucking munted machine just stole my dollar!"
by thatONEgirlYOUknow.... August 25, 2009
The state one reaches when highly under
the influence of MDMA or ecstacy.
That Motherfucker was so munted he thought
that the clock was trying to eat him.
by Eagleman January 14, 2008
Definetly not the way it was when I had it.Deformed,squashed or just totally screwed up.....
It was ok til you screwed with it. Now it's just totally munted.
by Paul & Anthony January 16, 2004
broken or kaput. Something that no longer goes.
the fridge went kaput, it was so munted
by Kathryn Blake November 26, 2005
fucked and/or fallen into disrepair
i munted her last night in my car

my cars munted man

your face is munted like the government

my swag is munted
by swag man May 31, 2014
to be ugly, disfigured or deformed from birth as the result of inbreeding or poor genetics, mentally retarded or stupid, an idiot, a moron, psychologically and/or socially disabled.
So many people in Geelong are munted because of the closed, low quality gene pool.
by charmingdiamond January 04, 2011
a screwed up demented object
whoa that dudes face is munted (says damien when he 1st sees adam marshall)

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