Vomit, Spew, Chunder, Chuck, Yarn, scky
"I'm goin' out the back for a munt!"
by Andy J January 05, 2005
ugly female
Cherie Blair
by buckets May 22, 2003
A woman with a face like a wet kipper battered across a cheese grater
Nesbitts mam
by sam b May 08, 2003
a cross between a moron and a cunt.
that dude is a munt.
#moron #cunt #idiot #asshole #dickhead
by randy quaalude March 01, 2009
Seriously hideous food. Not even fit for your dog. Often found in workplace staff rooms where meals are meant to be provided for staff.
Damn, "what the fuck is that munt"
#munty #fucking munt #wtf #shit food #crap
by tbonez June 11, 2008
A noun. (Combination of the word male and cunt.) A male who is excessively whiney, contentious and who exhibits overly feminine interests or viewpoints. A male bitch.
Steve would not stop primping in front of the mirror, so I yelled: "stop being a munt and let someone else use the mirror."
#male bitch #male vagina #whiner #asshole #bitch
by Uranus112 June 02, 2008
1)A Physically Unattractive Person
2)Someone With A Horribly Boring / Bitchy Personality
1) Oh My God Dude, Your Ex Was Complete Munt!
2) Urgh, Corrina Phoned Me Up And Wouldn't Shut Up! God, She's Such A Munt!
#munt #ugly #unattractive #boring #personality
by What.do.you.care? May 07, 2007
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