munt, wog, kaffir (afr) commonly understood english african-colonial dismissive (rather than derogatory) term for the 'locals'.
Neither the livestock, dogs nor the munts have been given their food - yet. (In order of significance...)
by kneddy November 26, 2007
the REAL definition is " man cunt "
he is such a munt! that whore.
by Hunting for a Munt May 30, 2007
A man's asshole man+cunt=munt
I told her to chow on my munt
by Rover Ranger September 05, 2008
Verb to munt 1To get completely wasted on one or all of the following drugs; Ecstasy Speed/Amphetamines Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Ketamine, Poppers or Cocaine, usually in combination with copious quantities of alcohol. Commonly displays symptoms of sweating, gnawing of the inside of the cheeks, gurning (often without realising it), inability to focus, barely capable/ incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together. 2. To stagger around from party to party. 3 Name of soundsystem Tribe of Munt.
Tribe of Munt is a soundsystem
by Katherine23 April 12, 2006
The anus of a gay man. Comes from the combination of the two words Man Cunt
"Dude those guys were total fags, I bet there gonna go plow each others Munts later"
by Josh Poysnick June 13, 2007
TRANSITIVE VERB: 1. Kickball ball term for a man bunt a. To kick (a pitched ball) by tapping it lightly so that the ball rolls slowly in front of the infielders. b. To cause (a base runner) to advance or (a run) to score by bunting. ORIGIN: San Francisco, CA
NOTE: Munting is allowed in most divisions and even at world sporting kickball games however, if you are caught munting in the city of San Francisco, people will point and laugh and make fun of you for many hours, even days and weeks. Some teams will suspend men who munt for not strategic reasons.
Other versions: Wunt, a female bunt more common to the game and happens alot, does not get made fun of but many outfielders do move infield when a women is up to kick.
San Francisco's team was not suprised that the Hollywood's team munted their way to victory in the regional rounds of kickball.
by Zetz September 02, 2005
To vomit after an excessive ammount of alcohol. Especially used for the abuse of red wine.

I am going to munt because you just munted which made me feel like munting.
by Le Pants April 22, 2009

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