a spazzy dweeb. emerges from the use of the word munt to mean throwing up. someone unattractive, odd, disgusting.
look at the munty face on that chick!
by mr27 September 12, 2006
An unusually hairy Vagina. Spawning from 'muff' and 'cunt' it is typically used to describe a vaginal opening that is considerably difficult to locate.
Don't even bother with that pom-pom. It took me days to search that munt. You'd have better luck finding Waldo.
by mofugashugapops June 18, 2006
A very ugly guy with nice personality but looks like a car hit him
Girl 1:awww he's so sweet
Girl 2:he is a munt though
by randmness January 16, 2006
to vomit due to alchole

nicholls munted after one sip of beer
by kof October 04, 2003
To vomit profusely.
I got drunk and took a flying munt out of the car window.
by Aqualung September 11, 2003
(man + cunt = MUNT)
A man who acts like a girl; half their age. (EG: Mannerisms of a 32 year old man would be that of a 16 year old girl) Being fashionable image is more important to them than adult responsibilities. A self-absorbed, superficial man who acts like a little girl.
"Phil has more shoes and accessories than my wife!." "What a munt!"

by Super Chet November 24, 2006
1. A man gunt

2. Something that you hunt for
Wow. Shane is such a munt!

We're going on a hunt... for MUNT!
by Brettawesome July 25, 2006

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