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Moldy Cunt. A cunt that is so repulsive it makes your ones penis go soft.
As soon as I pulled down her pants,the first thing I smelled was her munt.
by dogs bower and will colabo February 17, 2006
Verb. To munt. As in, to ming. To be very ugly.
'Ugh he munts.' Alternatively, you could say 'he is a munter'.
by lalantha September 16, 2005
verb: to ass-rape someone so hard, that all there holes become one
noun: to be munted
FORMAL: to be dressed in black tie attire and address each other as Mr. and Mrs. or Ms.
MEDIVAL: to have a spear or dagger on the end of the dig, (very painful)
by Weeslaw and Shrank February 16, 2005
A really really hott girl who rocks!
Wow that girl was a munt!
by michele munt January 16, 2005
A cool way to say cunt
Oi get your hands off my pint, u filthy cunt
by adam January 05, 2005
stupidity personified
buying a pink,stripy, fore-fitting clubbing shirt to impress the chiqies.
by nikz0r September 10, 2003

The result of a poorly done male to female sex change,
A male whore (see also mangina)
"Did you see that tranny, it had a proper horrible munt!"
by alf182 December 23, 2008