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to dig up a body thats bin dead 4 ages an get a mate to stamp on its stomach so you can revel in the mouldy juices that erupt from it.
hey jimmy i went munting this weekend!!! what do you mena im goin to get my sledge hammer an beat the fuck out of you because you are a fucked up shit?!!?? i thought it was normal to go 4 a munt!
by rob helm September 25, 2006
17 65
The alternate personality buried deep within the subconcious that comes out after excessive alcohol consumption. Sexually aroused by the ugliest bargoyle, much to the confusion of it's peers.
Fuck me he's had 7 whiskys the munt is truly upon him
by Gav October 22, 2003
7 55
ugly female
Cherie Blair
by buckets May 22, 2003
9 57
To vomit after an excessive ammount of alcohol. Especially used for the abuse of red wine.

I am going to munt because you just munted which made me feel like munting.
by Le Pants April 22, 2009
9 58
A noun. (Combination of the word male and cunt.) A male who is excessively whiney, contentious and who exhibits overly feminine interests or viewpoints. A male bitch.
Steve would not stop primping in front of the mirror, so I yelled: "stop being a munt and let someone else use the mirror."
by Uranus112 June 02, 2008
51 100
a word to describe a situation where someone has indulged on a substance to such extremes that they can no longer outsmart a fish.

Derived from "munter" which typically means a fantastically ugly woman.
"I don't know what shit I was smoking last night - but I had a BIG munt!"

"Yeh bitch, break out the pipe - let's get a munt on!"

"Just call me Mr Munt... *toke*"
by boona April 27, 2006
6 55
A very ugly guy with nice personality but looks like a car hit him
Girl 1:awww he's so sweet
Girl 2:he is a munt though
by randmness January 16, 2006
2 51