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To be completely ruined, destroyed indefintely.
Your TV's munted as all hell.
by bondy April 09, 2005
an object of inferior quality or make, unreliable for it's intended use.
don't take my car, it's dodge n podge.
by bondy April 09, 2005
a describing word you say when you can't think of any other describing word, whether it be nice good or bad. Commonly used as the describing words for chicken chicken burgers.
Is it chilquee?

Yeah man, it's chilquee.
by bondy April 09, 2005
The correct definition of the word "Borange" is not what you all think. Borange is actually a colour, which is a mix between brown and orange, and when mixed it makes an off-tap shitty brown colour.
Therefore, the word can be used as a replacement word for "shit", and is generally used when describing something that falls between "crap" and "shit" i.e. something that is worse than crap, but not quite shit... like the Pakistan cricket team
"That borange Datsun 280B is borange"
by bondy January 06, 2005

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