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A man-cunt, the male version of the popular descriptive cunt (commonly used when referring to a woman).
Oh my god, he's such a munt!
by NicoleFuckedYourUncle May 01, 2008
If you can't pronounce "month", try munt.
I been lookin' for deez Tims for a munt!
I hope dis project don't take a whole munt!
by # 1 Beso April 05, 2005
the male version of a cunt
I can't believe Carl stuck me with the bill. He is such a munt.
by jwlasee September 19, 2008
Man Cunt. Munt. When a man gets fucked in the ass his asshole becomes a munt.
My munt is really sore today, i told him not to fuck me so hard.
by Richard Sssss March 08, 2008
Man cunt, also none as mangina, manpussy, maunlingus (rimming a munt), Basically, a gay man that takes it up the butt.
His munt got pounded all night long.
by Jason M31480 September 03, 2006
A man cunt. See mangina.
Is your munt bleeding you giant pussy.
by Reggie Dingleberry August 09, 2004
Simply stated, "man cunt". (a gay man's asshole)
by Stephanie May 14, 2003