A condition resulting from unintentionally consuming human feces, as from food prepared without proper sanitation techniques. Symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite, intestinal upset, and general malaise.
Damn it man, I've been laid up for a week with the mung... You'd better learn to wash your hands between shitting and cooking.
by nols student May 16, 2009
(Noun) You and a friend go to the graveyard, dig up a nice chick whose been dead for say, 10 years. You stand with your mouth open in front of her vagina and your friend jumps off of some sort of platform onto her stomach. What comes out is mung. (Verb) The act of achieving mung
'Hey, Sulla, remember how bad that mung smelled?' (noun)
'Sulla, I'm so pissed right now, the only thing that will help is a nice mung.' (ver)
by Buntcake Sulla April 04, 2008
"Munging" to mung- is the act of 4 or more males digging up and fornicating with a dead female corpse each of which ejaculate inside the cadaver. after everyone has finished the smallest or weakest of the group positions his mouth on the cadavers vaginal area. as the heaviest of the group bounces or jumps on the cadavers pelvic and/or abdominal area. as this occurs all the maggots, ejaculate, em bombing fluid and any other liquids left brewing in the cadavers stomach will be forced out all of the major and miner orifices in said corpse. the most prominent of which being the vagina as this happens the lucky one with his mouth placed over the vagina will then ketch all the liquids maggots ejaculate ect. in his mouth and attempt to swallow it if the boy fails to swallow the majority of the liquids he will then be pummeled and/or killed.
"You better swallow that mung Alex."
by ACID THE INJECTOR September 28, 2007
First off, you kill a woman, or man, and go to the high desert. There, you dig a shallow grave(about 3 ft) and leave them for about two to three weeks, and return. Dig up the body, place the anus or the vagina on your lips, and tap. If you wwre to do this with a pregnant woman, it would be "munging with meatballs." If you do this to and Asian person, you might want to grab 3 or 4.
<i>Munging is the most extreme eating test. If they had it on Fear Factor, no one would win. Not even Joe Rogan.</i>
by loke204 January 18, 2007
what comes out when you squeeze a pregnant womens stomach.
man i bet that lady is full of mung
by moneymatt15 September 14, 2006
Word for people from the far east. Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, stuff like that. The word mung was used on the movie Gran Turino featuring Clint Eastwood.
I saw a mung guy carrying a bag of rice and a puppy across town the other day.
by diarena December 23, 2008
The liquid substance that deploys from a pregnant woman's gash when she is struck to the stomach with a canoe paddle. Note that in order to achieve 'mung' (or 'to mung' the subject) one must use a CANOE PADDLE, otherwise it's just not mung.
I couldn't take her moaning in morning so I her into the back garden and munged her yin.

Josh got over the loss of his unborn child with a nice glass of mung.

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