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A person or something of extreme 'cheekiness'. Often so cheeky that others are appalled.
You're being such a Paton today!
by cheekymonkeyandy November 05, 2010
Son of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, and an ex-Gladiator.
The Reincarnation of Rasputin.
He is also a farmer.
You are a farmer Paton.
You are as much of a farmer as Paton.
by Weelly February 10, 2004
Cool small welsh person - with a fiery celtic temper
That Paton is really scary!
by Paton79 December 16, 2004
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
n. 'Yer maw'
Your paton was good last night!
by haanz November 17, 2003
yermaw is paton
paton is yermaw
by Paton November 18, 2003

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