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A peculiar representative of the male species who under normal circumstances, proper disposition and clear status of mind will act accordingly.

Having imbibed an unorthodox amount of alcohol which one is only capable of doing while hopped up on copious amounts of Schnee (please see definition) an Andre will begin to transform into a werewolf like creature capable of feats only super humans could achieve. Please be aware that an intoxicated Andre is highly sensitive to movement and may attack. The only remedies are bright lights, police and a fake call to his mother which will usually result in an instantaneous retardant effect followed by bouts of hunger. Andres have a tendency to piss on things, pillows, doormats, toilet seats but never the actual toilet bowl.

An Andre's primary self defense will begin by attempting to lick his attacker in a dog like fashion. If the attacker is not warded off an Andre will then resolve to smear feces on his opponent.

Warning signs:
Any individual who can say "caca" 20 times in an hour is likely an Andre.
People of Mestizo origin are likely Andres.

Having beautiful sisters is a pre-requisite for an Andre.
Anyone that attended Hialeah High but says they went to Miami Lakes High is an Andre.

The Female version of an Andre is known as a Michelle.
Holy shit dawg, did you see that mofucka last night, he was such an Andre!

I want to drink my ass off and turn into an Andre.

I went out last night trying to pull ass like Rinaldo but got so fucked up I turned into an Andre.
by Caca-King February 05, 2010
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They tend to wear their trousers low....showing a hint of their white shorts that they mysteriously want girls to look at! yesss were looking...put them away..your not black! Also refer to themseleves as Alan! Should change name to Mr G-Star because he is rawwww. Loves attending regular meetings of the batb lehhhh!I think he may have some homo sexual feelings towards his fellow members! watch out tg! Where to find this specimen? nation in his tracky bs.


"Loveee it"

"Tea and fabulous"

Watch out ladies Andres about!!!!
Andre Alan Scott
by Ilovedancenation April 06, 2009
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An 'Andre' refers to anglo-saxon type races that TRY to be like black and gangsta type people. They try, talk, act and copy those of darker skined descents. Andre are those that are sensitve, weak mentally and physically, usually nigilated and act differently to what their personality is, covering up what they actually are inside. The word Andre is derived from America referring to those WIGGA type people.
"Yo mayne, i waz walkin through the park when i saw this Andre type fella picking on the yung ones, Lets teach dat Andre a lesson"
by Fweebies G October 02, 2007
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classified as bein a chavvy twat by most people who are unluckily enough to know him

maybe he is gay...who knows....maybe he likes to pray on younger underage models...but thats ok its just the only way he can get some nookie...aww bless his little soul.....emphasis on the word little ;-)

only a month left until he has his wee L plates up...that is if he is able to see above the steering wheel.....i will feel sorry for the guys he pesters that he thinks he knows actin all big lad...and for the girls he picks up

andre twat
by grace2k9 July 09, 2009
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To be gassy, as in Andre Agassi. Usually presented in the form of chronic, repetitious belching or farting, much to the disgust of those present.
Dave: Dude, you are farting badcore today.
John: Sorry, mate... I'm a little bit Andre after all those burritos.
by jlkijsaldjkasjdlaks March 22, 2008
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a guy that tries too hard to get pussy. and looks like a frog
whos that crazy kid thats always horny?

that's andre bro..
by grgggggggggggg September 05, 2011
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A mistake, or unexpected occurrence, in a piece of software or in a piece of hardware. (Bug)
there's a fkin andre!!!
by sometester February 04, 2008
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