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someone who you will never understand but is cute, funny and someone who if he comes your way dont pass him up you will regret it for the rest of your life. I LOVE YOU SHAYNE!
Amiee: "shayne can i have another chance?"
Shayne: "No"
#sweet #fun #trustworthy #sad #junk
by yaimee14lee October 15, 2009
honest, honest, honest. he is a smartass but that's okay. he'll be your friend if you aren't annoying. and somehow that's really cool. talk to him, he won't turn away if he cares. very clever and just a downright cool kid. big opinions. he's also a GOOD kid. he is that guy who makes the right desicion under any circumstance, which is very honorable. live your life with Shayne, he makes it fun.
I'm so bored

Shayne: So?

Wanna do something?

Shayne: Sure, lets see a movie
#honorable #smart #fun #cool #friend
by kelso911 February 04, 2010
a sex god, who would pleasure any girl but is a smartass
marc was being a shayne yesteray in bedd
#shayne #hot #sexy #amazing #beautifful
by LMFAO450 January 07, 2012
A really chill girl. She likes to hang with the boys. Got a little bit of devil in her, but stays out of trouble. She won't harass you for you're own mischievous ways. She's got a short temper, and can see right through any bullshit. Tick her off, and she's gone. She's got a sweet smile, and an innocent personality. A Shayne like this is rare, so don't let her go. You won't be disappointed.
"Dude did you see Shayne at the nascar race yesterday? She looked amazing."
#shayne #girl #cute #nice #sweet shane
by Motorcycledriveby June 29, 2014
She the cool chick with the boys name. Likes hanging out with the guys but has those girlie moments and kind to a fault always helping people if they need a hand. plus she can kick my booty. i love a girl who can hand my arse to me.
me: god damn girl your short
Shayne: right hight to punch you right in the ...
me: good thing you love me
Shayne: a lucky thing
#shayne #girlie #booty #shane #hanging
by meh880 February 02, 2010
Wow - she's a MILF if I've ever seen one. At first thought to be an urban legend but when spotted - you'll know you've finally reached nirvana.
"Wow! She's a total Shayne!"
#milf #mom #urban legend #nirvana #wow
by Shaynemc June 20, 2008
a very attractice girl, usually blonde. Known for being compulsive liar and not too good with long term relationships. Shayne's usually tend to be in the middle of drama.
Person 1: Wow, i can't believe shayne broke up with her boyfriend already. She told me he was great.
Person 2: Well, that's Shayne for you.
#hot #liar #cool #bitchy #easy
by lilman10 April 12, 2011
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