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Soft drink made by mixing of all the different kinds of sodas at the fountain. Also see: jersey turnpike
My obsession with mixed drinks springs from drinking graveyards as a kid.
by kapoleon October 13, 2004
see graveyard shift, meaning to work a night shift.
i'm doing/working graveyard, meaning, i'm working night shift this month as a security guard.
by themarcuscreature February 13, 2005
A cig with no more than two drags left, that has been scrounged from an ashtray.
Deemer: Yo Weiksner, grab me a lighter and a couple graveyards. I'm too hammered to drive to sheetz.
by Deemer February 03, 2014
When you take a hit of weed and hold it in so long that nothing blows out when you exhale. While difficult depending on the size of your hit, it will lead to a much higher high. Graveyarding is most frequently done by those who are running short and are trying to conserve until they can pick up again. Caution - can lead to uncontrollable coughing.
"Mark doesn't get paid until Friday and only has a small stash left. He will have to graveyard all his hits to make sure he can get high until payday."
by Mark Pearson August 12, 2006
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