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a woman's 'afterbirth'; including placenta, uterine fluids, etc.
"the doctor had the creepy habit of saving his patient's mung, taking it home, and bathing in it."
by ryan ingersol February 21, 2005
a term in which to feast
i want to mung on some cheese toast! yummmm!
by sarah jane wise wiseman August 18, 2006
One of those rediculous cartoon things that never actually happen but somehow become 'fact' via the Internet.
"Oh totally people mung all the time."
by Goldfish March 07, 2005
Any filth or secretion that can be oozed from the body excluding excrement.
You have mung stains in your underwear.
by Julzfin July 21, 2005
Slang: To destroy someting or screw something up really badly.
"He munged that up pretty good."
"The CD was absolutely munged."
by Eli D August 20, 2005
Word made up by the southpark characters meaning to push on a pregnant womans stomach
Yo, lets go mung that bitch so her baby comes out small.
by RustyMosquitos September 13, 2005
To smash something or kick something really hard, far away. although this is totally pointless and inconvienient, it also shows how extreme the "Munger" is.
Man he really Munged that ball into the bushes... He must be Extreme.

That Munger really smashed that chair, what a Munger
by samwise gamgee November 14, 2005