a man who calls girls names such as; dubs, breezys, night crawlers, benji, etc.
they also think very highly of themselves
most likely sexy

these men like to jump on pregnant ladies stomaches and suck out the juice that squirts from their vaginas
Man that Felipe kid, such a fucking mung.
#fart #cunt #hoe #benji #breezy #night crawler
by Ch0nga November 24, 2007
In the circle of people I always hung out with and partied with when I was young and foolish, we always referred to bong water as "mung." I never thought it meant anything else, since that's the only context I'd heard it used in.
Don't spill the mung on the carpet, man. It'll stink like shit forever.
#bong water #munchies #toasted #stoned #wasted
by JuliePulie July 26, 2006
Mung is now available in your local corner bar! Ask for it by name... and if they don't know what you're talking about, feel free to educate them on how to serve up a fresh mungshot:

1. Locate drainage hose connected to the underside of the "catch plate" beneath the beer taps.
2. Disconnect the end of the hose that feeds into the waste pipe (the other end).
3. Hold disconnected end of hose over a shotglass, and pour 1.5 oz of your least favorite liquor directly into the beer drain.
4. Serve when shotglass is full.
HOBSON: I say, Boddington, this shot certainly doesn't taste like the good old mung we're used to.
BODDINGTON: Indeed, but it sure as hell beats having to dig up a corpse to get a good drink.
OTHER GUY IN BAR: Cheers to that, mate!
HOBSON: No one's asking you, fuckface!
OTHER GUY IN BAR: What did you just call me?
BODDINGTON: Hobson, don't waste your bloody time on this bloke.
HOBSON: Aye... let's go huff some horse farts.
BODDINGTON: Brilliant!
#mung #shot #recipe #corpse #hose
by King Mung June 21, 2006
To quote 'Mavens word of the Day' from February 10, 2000:

In the 1970s there was a column in Sex Newspapers called Mung. When asked why the column had this name, Peters, the editor, said, "If you'll remember the old high school gross contests... Mung was this stuff: 'You take a pregnant lady gorilla... and you tie her by the heals upside-down from a branch, and you beat her on the belly with a board – and the stuff that comes out of her mouth, that's Mung'" (1970).
The poachers ruined their valuable silver back gorilla pelt by getting mung all over it.
#gorilla #seventies #pregnant #gross #belly
by Bored and Dangerous April 02, 2007
An army buddy told me this definition. When you are having intercourse with a dead woman and need extra lubricant you punch her in the belly and the fluids from the abdominal cavity stream down into her vagina.
Mung provides an excellent lubricant.
#corpse #dead #munge #mun #necrophilia
by ReidBoy December 19, 2006
A modified, and very special form of Extra Spearmint sugar free chewing gum. The modification involves adding the simple inscription 'MUNG' with horizontal lines above and below to the face of the chewing gum packet before it is opened, in permanent black marker pen. Mung is far superior to ordinary chewing gum.

This type of Mung bears no relation to other definitions of the word such as the bean or the unpleasant liquid substance.
That curry made my breath smell, do you have any Mung?
#mung #chewing gum #gum #spearmint #extra #sugar free #superior
by Tommy d of Broadstairs December 22, 2006
This term can be used for many actions.The tribesmen of the Sorrento,Padbury,Glengarry,Duncraig regions of Perth, Western Australia though use the term "MUNG" mainly for the action of consuming foods and the action of doing basically fuck all.
Example 1 "I am so friggen hungry...See that half chewed mars bar stuck to that homeless dudes foot? I could fuckn MUNG that!!"
Example 2 "That mars bar was bloody good!What do you wanna do now,just MUNG?"
#eat #consume #sloth around #do a lot of nothin #be useless
by Philthy Phil October 24, 2006
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