take a pregnant woman, sew her vagina closed,beat her until she is no longer fat,whatever substance comes out the vag is the rich substance of 'mung'
Tyler Laurence loves slirping mung
by mugwump99 April 20, 2008
The juice squeezed out when you push down on a pregnant lady's belly when pregnante for 8.5 months.
I just got squirted in the eyes by my wifes mung last night
by mike_13 September 18, 2007
(noun) The greasy substance that accumulates on the screen and keypad of your cell phone
Buddy #1 "Hey man let me borrow your phone"

Buddy #2 "Sure, just make sure you wipe you mung off the screen before you give it back"
by munger December 19, 2006
the stuff that comes out when you push on a pregnant ladies stomach(definition from the south park that had the brown noise)
the mung came out extremely fast on that prego
by b minus December 18, 2006
A sticky glob of nastiness left on the end of a Louisville Slugger that was roughly inserted into the vagina of a fat sweaty woman for her sexual pleasure.
Dude, did you see the mung left on that bat after he fucked Holly with it? Nasty!
by Wiseman July 07, 2006
for real mung the rcipie is as follows: First you must find a sutiable female candidate of your liking whom you must then kill so that no holes hare puntured in the skin. next you sew all open orifices till they are closed tightly (mouth, ears, nose, anus, vagina). you place the prepared body in an open area in the hot sun (for best results attempt during summer)for at least one week. after one week cut open the vagina and have someone STOMP on the stomache. every thing that is propelled into your mouth is MUNG. Enjoy!
Those are rather large boots will you help me extract some mung?
by sneakatoke May 27, 2006
Crud. A nasty substance, perhaps a deviation of "dung".
Oooooo. It's got mung on it!
by Mike Briant May 13, 2005

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