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The resulting secretion after kicking a late term pregnant woman in the stomach.
The dinner was cold; I forget what happened next, but there was mung all over the carpet.
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
Adult female cooties, males can be carriers but females are the original producers of mung.
That skank has mung!
by Niccat September 12, 2009
When you press on a pregnant womans womb, lots of creamy yellow pus comes out of the vagina. It tastes like peanuts.
Evelyn: I'm starting to produce mung

Daisy: Ahh thats nice!
by Buttfukka June 06, 2009
The juice squeezed out when you push down on a pregnant lady's belly when pregnante for 8.5 months.
I just got squirted in the eyes by my wifes mung last night
by mike_13 September 18, 2007
First off, you kill a woman, or man, and go to the high desert. There, you dig a shallow grave(about 3 ft) and leave them for about two to three weeks, and return. Dig up the body, place the anus or the vagina on your lips, and tap. If you wwre to do this with a pregnant woman, it would be "munging with meatballs." If you do this to and Asian person, you might want to grab 3 or 4.
<i>Munging is the most extreme eating test. If they had it on Fear Factor, no one would win. Not even Joe Rogan.</i>
by loke204 January 18, 2007
Crud. A nasty substance, perhaps a deviation of "dung".
Oooooo. It's got mung on it!
by Mike Briant May 13, 2005
When you hang a third trimester pregnant woman up by her wrists, place a bucket underneath her, and beat her repeatedly with a baseball bat. The sludge that falls in the bucket is mung.
"You cost me too much money kid, I shoulda made mung outta ya."
by Penetr8 September 14, 2008