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insult, "suck my ass" means for the insultee to suck the insulter's ass. rock on.
"suck my ass jake,"
the fierce insult forces jake to cry like a girl
by jmack5646 August 07, 2006
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For all the haters who think they are good and better than everybody else.
"And then I said suck my ass!"

"Give me a time and place slut!!"
by Illuminati August 25, 2014
This is usually meant for all the haters. If you hate someone just tell them "suck my ass" and they'll fuck off!
Hater: You're so fugly!
You: Suck my ass bitch!!!
by yo chilllll September 14, 2014
Is the term used to inform a member of the community to expose their mouth for the entry of another persons ANUS!!

This can be quite enjoyable and is used for sexual purposes in the western world, while it is widely used for torture in the eastern world

Their are a wide range of ass sucking techniques such as hairy jaw, poo gob and tutti face

It is important for people to remember please do not use these techniques, unless you are in the guidance of an experienced ass sucker.
Uhhhhhhhh suck my ass baby..................yeah that's right lick the poo out
by Rug Muncher August 02, 2013
A kind pharse used to tell others they mean the world to you. Warning: Do not actually suck their ass
"Hey Bill, suck my ass"
*Bill smiles* "Only if you'd let me"
by getsome69 November 03, 2014
Henri: ugh I've got homework to do tonight...

Benji: lol suck my ass

Henri: You have to shut the fuck up Benji please I will not hesitate to take your head in my thighs and crush it like a fucking watermelon stop it i'm so done with your shit you fucking dickbutt.

Benji: ... suck my ass
by satmeapnhdaanie October 25, 2014
something i would be saying to the haters.
suck my ass billy, your a confused 14 year old.
by XD suck my ass October 15, 2014

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