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A word used by idiots in an attempt to spell murk.

Mispellers often begin to flame you if you correct them on the spelling.
That guy got murked on for saying merked.
by schalkefan02 June 25, 2009
to do something really well, to feel like you've done something really well.
i MERKED that exam!
by wexywebb June 14, 2009
to beat the fucking shit out of someone until their pussy faggot ass dies
the bitch would give me dat fat cunt so i merked that hoe
by getmony January 21, 2009
In the James Island area of Charleston, SC.

1. To quickly escape a sketchy, possibly illegal situation without being detected.
"I saw the po(lice) roll up on the party i was at so i got quick and straight merked."
by ReppinTree January 29, 2008
Noun, plural. Women who taste bad when you go down on them.

Roots in the word "merkin," a Shakespearien word referring to a women's pubic wig designed to cover up venereal diseases.

As in: "Do you take my beard for a merkin?"
oh my god, were you guys just talking about merks? the worst was when the other day...
by Dildo Phil November 05, 2007
The genital area either in a female or male. More toward the anal area on a male. Merk as it relates to the dark, moist sometimes smelly areas.
"Yo let me get in on some of that merk."

"That merk was smelling nasty last night."
by Shamrock151 January 22, 2010
woman who taste bad when you go down on them. Origins in the word "merkin" coming from Shakespeare's day. (A merkin was a pubic wig used by some women to cover up venerial diseases.)

oh my god were you guys just talking about merks? The worst was the other day when...
by Dildo Phil October 06, 2007