Jacking someones "swagga" and adding it to your own swag to increase your level of swagitude.
Jake: "Ay yo, you just got Merked - by me!"

Jerp: "OMG I feel naked now!"

Jake: "hehe"
by BillyBobSwag October 17, 2012
To eather kill or hurt someone very badly and then piss on them.
What the fuck dyou say cunt? cmon lets merk him.

haha, we just merked that bitch.
by mr.ryder December 03, 2009
Merk is a combination of mean and jerk. A merk would not understand what they are being called because mean jerks are not intelligent. You can also combine other words to make your own insults that not many will understand; insulting them on a new level and not explaining your madness behind it. You're welcome.
Boyfriend: maybe you should lay off the chocolate..
Girlfriend: wow, really? You're such a merk.
by Wild_sunflower01 February 04, 2014
to "creep on" or stalk people (or a certain person) via the internet, usually on a social networking site like facebook
Dumb chick: "Hey check out this guy who added me on facebook! He's totally hot but it says he's in a relationship so I went to his girlfriend's page and she's so not as hot as me! And then I went to her friends list and she's friends with my ex! So, I checked out his wall and there aren't any comments from her so I guess I won't have to kick her ass..."
Dumb chick's friend: "Bitch, quit merkin'!
by Elsie McElliot March 05, 2012
Merk: (v) The act of projecting sexual or flirtacious advances on a relative, whether intoxicated or sober. Past Tense: Merked.
Guy 1: That drunk girl at the party last night was sitting on her cousins lap.
Guy 2: Yea! she was straight merkin.

Lannah: I hate to merk, but my cousin is lookin fine tonight!

Girl 1: Doesn't his new girlfriend look JUST like his sister?!
Girl 2: OMG he is SO MERKING!
by yothisisVAnotWV August 03, 2011
to burnout of area, to leave very rapidly in a wild ruckus
James-"what's up coon cant get give ya a ride to school sorry man"
Justin-"oh shit hes got a gun, Merk out!!!
by duddleboy December 08, 2010
A word that should never be used in a video game. Meaning to actually kill, like in real life.
1: Dude I got merked at MW2 yesterday

2: Never say merk in a video game faggot
by Jimmy Balmar December 25, 2009

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