to run away fast or to drive away fast
Hop in that car and swirve off, merk off
by Vaughn Hebron August 28, 2006
A certified professional way of takin shit from somewhere or/and somebody (preferably gas), but includes some initiation and if failed you could be shot in the fucking head.

- "Merk" prodigy
"Don't hang that pump up nigga, I merked that gas lets be out!"

"Merky, Merky!"
by Merk Prodigy February 14, 2008
Often used by people who think (or Are) Gangsta.
Normally means murder or hurt or w/e
Sometimes used in lyrics aswell.
Oi blad you're gonna get MERKED brav.
by Dodgymonkey March 02, 2007
to 'diss' someone.
i.e..*someone gets beaten up*..
*hhaa u got merked!
i.e if somebody insults someone else and the person gets 'ripped'...
the person wudda been merkedd!
by braaapp March 17, 2006
To kill, often used in soundclashes, (similar to slew)
"Oi Doogz, who got merked?!"
by MC Reefa April 25, 2004
1. To kill some one.
2. To smoke marijuana.
1. "These thirsty niggas are lurkin You have to catch em and merk em." -50 Cent, "In My Hood"
2. Hey man, I just packed this fat bowl. Let's merk!
by HoMiCyD June 24, 2007
To merk somebody means you beat them in an mc clash.
When montana had a clash he tried desperately to merk the oppostion but failed miserably when he was booed of stage.
by likkkkklestar June 13, 2007
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