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Tamia loves attention and has random outburts.
she like attention espically from guy, but she can make any girl jealous with her confident look and self esteem.
Ex: Tamia xD
by 765thgisrs. June 03, 2009
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tamia is funny, loud, crazy, outgoing, clumsy, dumb, sensitive, and confident. She likes to have A good time and is loved by almost everyone. She hears things about herseld but she keeps her head up high. she has amazing style. She may be mean and is known for her dirty looks but overall , tamia is a cool person to get to know.
ooh did you see tamia fall!
by tquick January 08, 2011
Tamia , is very loud & sarcastic . Sometimes her sarcasm goes to far ... Every girl wants to be her , & every guy wants her ! She's very sweet , but can also be a total bitch ! Usually Tamia has nice curves , & is very breath taking . She can steal anyone's heart in a second ! She's also very funny , & witty. She's a great advice giver.
tamia is so funny !
by MarieAteFelan July 27, 2012

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