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to clash is to have an mc battle
To have a insult match with rymes and songs
"Yo,you ready for da clash tonite blud?"
by Patz April 29, 2005
best fucking punk band in the world
did u go to the clash show? it was fucking terrif
by mah February 22, 2005
One of (if not the) best British punk rock bands. Notable songs - Should I Stay or Should I Go?, London Calling and Guns of Brixton.
Have you heard From Here To Eternity by the Clash? Best live album around.
by Fische March 18, 2007
to visually interact negatively or unpleasantly when combined
Yo!!! Don't wear a navy blue shirt with black pants. They clash!!!
by yAo m4tt April 10, 2005
A young artists that tag meaningful quotes
Yo,did u see clash new tag it said "fuck bush"
by Tj7 November 22, 2007
To be drunk, or booted, Zoned out, due to drinks/drugs
After taking shots of the Yak I felt "Clashes".
by Al-B January 19, 2006
When a drug deal goes totally wrong.
It was a total clash man we got BUSTED by the state cops!
by Joe MamA March 13, 2004
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