To totally own (or pwn) something or someone but implies ejaculating all over them afterwords.
Commonly used in sports, specifically swimming.

Can be used as a noun: Merkage
Swimmer 1: Oh total merkage! I just destroyed you!
Swimmer 2: *cry* You douchebag!

Kid 1: Hell yeah, I totally merked that kid in debate class.
Kid 2: Yeah man, you raped his ear pussy with words.

Girl 1: Can girls merk someone?
Guy 1: Most definitely babe.
by Dub Ard September 08, 2009
To leave a place quickly. To ride out
Hey man the cops are coming, we gotta merk the fuck out
by ji balla August 11, 2009
to do something really well, to feel like you've done something really well.
i MERKED that exam!
by wexywebb June 14, 2009
1.CoD WaW clan who is undefeated possibly the greatest ever. get undeniably beaten by means of shit talking, physical beatings, or in a video games.

See Norton.
oh shit, 40 and 9 you got merK'd!
by God of Cruelty April 29, 2009
to steal some thing or somebody
I best get my ten dollars bitch or im gonna beat your ass and Merk your wallet.
by HorvathN November 12, 2008
A word originating from Tekken, playing as Craig Marduk. A term used to describe extreme domination, or winning by a landslide
You just lost your round with a perfect score against you.

"I totally just merked you down!!"

"I just merked your ass"
by Alura SunFire January 10, 2010
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