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One who views the public in dark or secluded places. Used by insecure people who don't like to be looked at.
that man in the ally is probably a lurker becasue i see him there staring at me everytimeI come to this part of town.
by Shea-shay March 07, 2010
Someone who looks at people's myspaces without that person knowing. They might be a friend or someone whos profile isnt private.
Jimmy - My mom lurked you last night!
Tom - What a lurker!
by jimmehlong September 26, 2007
A Lurker is like a creep he is the kid that sits in the back of your anatomy class. He has large but sunken in eyes,greasy hair, a pasty complexion, and a crooked smile. When he laughs he sounds like he's hissing. He also offers you rides home to and from school even though he lives 15 miles out of the way. But thats ok because he never sleeps. His biggest fantasy is to be your number 1 stalker.
"Look at that goddamn Lurker, get out of my Art Room Lurker."
"I'm not turning my back to you for one second Lurker."
by Chachilovesthenightlife September 30, 2005
one who follows you on the slots and waits for you to go broke on a machine that hasnt paid off... then wins a shitload of money off your machine. usually in old lady form.
OMFG, that lurker just took my 1,000,000$ jackpot... the whore...
by [LOLMAN] February 25, 2006
One who commits the act of lurking: Looking at people's comments/blogs/bulletins/friends/ect. but ever talks to said person. These people often have no life and are on myspace as much as possible. Some are quite ugly and have absolutely no social life.
She was lurking my comments like all night. What a lurker!
by lurky mac lurky lurk November 26, 2008
One who lurks, the act of sneaking around suspiciously in public areas in a white GMC Jimmy.
Travis was so lurkin' on all them freshmen girls last night, he is quite the lurker.
by Noam Chompsky January 26, 2008
Annoying people that never reveal their online presence when using IM software, preferring instead to appear AFK, or not there at all.
Andy: Is Carl on YIM? I want to tell him I'm sleeping in his spare room this weekend.
Me: No idea, the lurker's not on my list.
by Digital Shaman April 21, 2005