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When your desk partner at school draws dicks on your desk when your not looking to try and get you in trouule.
Stop drawing cock art on my desk dude!
by tittyfuck69 April 20, 2009
Someone who sucks up to their boss or teacher in order to recieve a promotion or better grades
Guy 1: Those four girls are kissing up to the teacher so bad!

Guy 2: I know, they are known as "The Brown Nosers"
by tittyfuck69 May 08, 2009
An insane gamer who goes all night until 7:00 in the morning and then passes out.
by tittyfuck69 April 26, 2009
The ancient art of putting a dick so far up a womans ass that it pokes her fart bubbles and releases them!
Don't go too far up baby, or we'll have ourselves a bit of Brazillian Fart Porn!
by tittyfuck69 April 22, 2009
A serial killer who kills their victim and cuts off their shlong (dick) to either pleasure themself or just for the fun of it.
Newspaper heading: Local boy killed, genitals cut off.

Boy: HAHA! This serial killer is a Shlong Burgler!
by tittyfuck69 April 21, 2009
When you are in the shower and you rub soap on your dick, the soap gets inside and stings the head of your dick.
OW! the head of my dick stings, I think I got the head of thorns!
by tittyfuck69 April 20, 2009
When you let a fart go, and it seems to follow you wherever you go.
Oh my god, I can't escape this lurker!
by tittyfuck69 April 26, 2009

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