A guy who creepily stands on the edge of any dance floor, who came to the venue alone, and is there for the sole purpose of making moves on any unsuspecting woman who strays from her group. He generally sneaks up from behind.
Dance closer to me, you guys; I see a lurker over there who is waiting to move in on me.
by Char and Karen December 21, 2008
An asocial person who lives amongst others, but avoids as much contact with them as possible.
In a dorm room hall, the few kids who are never seen during daylight, but are occasionally run into in the restroom by the normal kids during a middle-of the night bathroom run. They live in singles (so to avoid roommates), which are on a secluded hallway, and never talk to anyone.. even if approached and spoken to.
by Matt (not the crackhead) July 10, 2005
Somebody who enjoys occasional drug use and quietly keeps to himself in the crowd. He Lurks from town to town trying to get down on whatever he had found. From Clifton to D-Hill, he'll pop most any pill, to satisfy his will.
Yo is Lurker gonna be there? Aw, never mind I'm not going...
by deskox17 January 10, 2014
A lurker is a girl at a party (the ugliest bia there). The Lurker just chills pretending to drink throughout the party. She is looking for the drunkest guy there. When she finds a drunk ass guy she makes her move. usaully said guy is to drunk to resist and they bone. this is one of the worst things that can happen to a guy because they will always be remembered for banging the shit out of that fat ass bia.

P.S. a true friend warns his drunken friends that he is being lurked
Damn did you see that Gregs drunk ass almost got lurked but bobby saved him, thats a true friend.Plus she was one ugly ass lurker.
by JacobR28 April 22, 2008
One who lurks, particularly online in chat mediums. Lurkers are fond of staying in the shadows like a spider but monitoring online chat activity all the while. Lurkers usually have a tendency to profess innocence of lurkdom, as well as offer excuses of supposed non-lurk activity when caught.
"Did you see that guy, Alan, online? Boy is HE a lurker."
by JahTheKwee88 June 30, 2015
People who hang at the skatepark and smoke weed all day instead of skating.
"yo i think we'll be the only ones at the skatepark today"

"nah man theres always the fuckin lurkers"
by suicidalwonton August 18, 2009
Someone hwo goes to a crowded place and follows people. They usually watch people to see there next moves and try to get them in trouble.
Evan: That dude is a lurker man!
Jeff: Yeah, I know! Let's leave!
Evan: He's following us!
by Gaz1112 May 23, 2008

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