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Some body who hangs around where vehicles are parked.
Damn the lurker who hangs out in the marina creeps me out.
by Thugger April 08, 2004
a creepy person who follows peeps round and hangs about places l8 at night
imogen is a creppy cat throwing lurker
by fedor1eme April 29, 2008
someone or something that lurkes in your personal space
a lurker is a multitude of things in our world, a lurker could be a sexy man or nasty north sea 'lurker' man, it is all random things like when a fly lands on you its 'lurking'!!

North Sea lurkers are men who are divorced and over 50. South sea lurkers are men who are under 19
Lady North sea lurkers are women who get the too many children bulge! and are over 50 and think they are cool.
by Zoe Bell July 15, 2006
Someone who comes over to your house and stays really late, even if your tired and have to work the next day.
Dang, Tim is such a lurker; he wouldn't go away and was over at my house until 4am. I didn't get any sleep.
by studio d September 22, 2005
one who smokes your weed but never offers to smoke his or hers
"Don't let that lurker come, he never has any chron to blaze"
by RWC December 02, 2003
A freakish person who doesn't just creep around corners and stalk people; they lurk about, following and annoying those who think that they are a weirdo (which is everyone). They are always THERE; in the background of a picture, standing right behind you while your waiting to get picked up from school, hiding in your shower...you never know they're there.
Gosh did you see that guy's dad following us last night? He was hiding in my shower when I got home! He is such a LURKER.
by Steve&OmOm November 02, 2010
A lurker is one who peers (eyes wide) at a girl while going down on her.
I was just lying there, and it wasn't bad, but when I opened my eyes for a second we made eye contact. WHAT A LURKER!

He was such a lurker. He peered up at me with alligator eyes!
by Ben Lurked July 19, 2010