One who lurks, the act of sneaking around suspiciously in public areas in a white GMC Jimmy.
Travis was so lurkin' on all them freshmen girls last night, he is quite the lurker.
by Noam Chompsky January 26, 2008
Annoying people that never reveal their online presence when using IM software, preferring instead to appear AFK, or not there at all.
Andy: Is Carl on YIM? I want to tell him I'm sleeping in his spare room this weekend.
Me: No idea, the lurker's not on my list.
by Digital Shaman April 21, 2005
Just like a creeper but with less status and less friends! Is usually alone in his creepiness thus making him a lurker!
Did you see that lurker eying Julie in the bar?!
by Heather January 31, 2005
A person who will look at someone's cam on stickam but won't come in their live chat room.
OMGAH I have 234322 lurkers and two people in my room.

I must be too br3wt4l!
by MegaanDuh August 07, 2008
Someone that, when you're trying to do something you don't want other people seeing, always seems to walk in and/or be hanging arround, preventing you from doing said thing.

Such people are often buzzkill and don't realise it.
Man, everytime my girlfriend and I try to make out, we keep getting a lurker.

Sorry dude, I can't click on that page; I have a lurker.
by Anonymous December 24, 2004
a zit or a pimple that "lurks" under your skin.
When I awoke this morning, I noticed a big lurker on the tip of my nose!
by Lola August 13, 2004
someone (like f99molina) who quietly watches the soap opera of collegiate message forums unfolds to be kept up to date and on point with anyone and everyone.
"Keep your mouth shut before that lurker burns you"
by anti-lurker May 20, 2003
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