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a word you can use in replace of hoe at school without getting in trouble
i'm tired of dese swams talking crazy .
by lil mama bhad May 16, 2010
A person who shoves babies up there butholes
our next door neighbor is a swam keep him away from the children
by JempuTV May 13, 2010
To go Hard As a Motherf*cker (HAM) while having incredibly dope Swag
I'm about to go Swam up in this b$tch!
by Khan Artyst December 06, 2011
a word you can replaced when you lie or prank somebody
He just got swam !
by AriqSWAM! March 05, 2011
everything and anything.
use it in place of a word you dont know.
-hey baby, lets swam!
-you're looking very swam today.
-can you hand me that swam please?
by Jill Loves You May 10, 2008
Single white american male
Damn the SWAM I just got fired from my job!

Looks like another SWAM is in the white house!
by JessNyou October 07, 2008