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One who creeps relentlessly, usually used to refer to males who will contact a female more than 3 times a day through Facebook, Myspace, Text, Calling, and Instant messaging. The female must not be interested.

Powerful Zerg unit, upgraded from Hydralisks costing 100 Vespene Gas and 50 Minerals. Effective on ground units only, utilized best with stacking at entrance way to base. Low hp/armor but when burrowed, will not appear on opponent's screen unless observer/overlord is present.
Rick Feet - Lurker
Laura Dee - Female

Rick Feet (text messages): HEY, there is this frou frou concert on sunday I was thinking about going to but my friends bailed on me, do you listen to them? do you want to go with me?

(3 minutes later)

Rick Feet (text messages): HEY did you get my last text?
Rick Feet (text messages): Are you there? If i'm annoying you, just tell me.
Rick Feet (text messages): Soo, did you fall asleep or something? You never texted me back...
Rick Feet (text messages): Oooohkayy, it's 3 am, and i'm guessing you fell asleep so good night, I'll tty tomorow


Rick Feet (Text Messages): HEY good morning, you alright? you didn't answer me at all last night, were you drunk or something?
by Aradeel November 13, 2008

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