The much cooler way to spell laser. Taken from the Brandon Lee movie "LAZER MISSION".
Alternate spelling: Lazor and Lasor
"Dude that was totally lazer"
by Phred October 06, 2004
Top Definition
Something that is to be charged, and then fired.
Imma chargin' mah lazer!
Imma firin' mah lazer!
by loooooooooooooooooooongcat February 25, 2008
adj. Pronounced: lah-A-zer

A word that can stand alone to describe anything that is exciting, interesting, or pleasurable. A synonym for "cool." A fresh phrase to replace the common "tight" or "sweet" or "clutch."
Bro 1: "We totally killed at beer pong last night."
Bro 2: "Lazer."
by Mia Stier January 22, 2009
mushrooms containing psilocybin
when i strap on the blue cardigan we can be neighbors, and do lazers!
by alogz February 03, 2007
Improved version of regular lasers.
by That Hobo that isn't a hobo April 05, 2011
Something that comes out of the back side of someones pants most normally caused by chilles or hot spicy food from taco bell also extreamly dangerous commonly found in modern day mexicans
Mexicans do this all the time with Lazers
by Sfdfd2 April 23, 2011
A more lazer word for Awesome.
Dude that #@#$ is soo F'ing Lazer.

Oh man, these new shoes are Lazer!

Oh man, how much more lazer can she be! frak'n hot!

Oh man, my fingers where just amputated by a Lazer.!!! So Lazer!!
by Bstrfsh April 21, 2011
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