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7 definitions by Phred

Usually a female who has lips so perfect and full, they look as if they should be wrapped around a dick right now. Usually with high gloss lip gloss coated on them.
Damn, is that cum or lip gloss on Keisha's beautiful dick sucking lips
by Phred May 23, 2004
Keisha had me cumming fast with her DSL
by Phred May 23, 2004
one of the greatest metallica songs ever!!!
"life it seems, will fade away
drifting further every day...."
by phred October 28, 2004
A university in which more than half of the classes take place online and offer expedited degrees in practical real-world career fields.
Bob : I got four Bachelors degrees in Marketing, Healthcare Administration, Information Technology, and Visual Communications plus a Master's degree in Human Resources Administration...in just one year!

Jeff: Sounds like you learned a lot in McCollege! So, tell me Bob, what are you doing with all that knowledge?"

Bob: makin' candles.
by Phred February 23, 2005
An imaginary word having noting to do with anything, but often refeering to a cat in heat.
Those stupid cats are goonswappaing under my deck again, I wish my girlfriend was that horny.
by Phred October 12, 2004
The kind of "employment opportunities" that offer "room for advancement, competitive wages, and great work experience for people who have the determination to reach their maxiumum potential and become valuable members of society."
Bob: Dude, I heard your an assistant financial analyst for (insert Fortune 500 company here)! That's kick ass.

Jeff: Dude...it's a Mc-Job! What the hell is your damage?
by Phred February 23, 2005
The much cooler way to spell laser. Taken from the Brandon Lee movie "LAZER MISSION".
Alternate spelling: Lazor and Lasor
"Dude that was totally lazer"
by Phred October 06, 2004