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used to describe a hit song that is played on the radio (in stores, on the internet, on iTunes, at parties, etc.) numerous times to the point of annoyance.
I Gotta Feeling...again? Jeez! That song is SO overplayed!
by jbrophsx0 January 02, 2010
When someone keeps playing the same joke over and over.
Wow Vic, putting that pumpkin in my chair for the 3rd day in a row is overplayed.
by reyboy October 19, 2007
The hipster's excuse for liking a popular song.
Ugh, this song is so overplayed." "Do you like it? "It's overplayed." "Yes, but do you like it? "It's just really overplayed." "But do you like it?" "...yesOH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?
by Jackal2 October 16, 2010
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