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Short for see you later.
Ok have a good time. Later.
by pingz January 30, 2003
Talk or see you later.Talk to you laters.
Like when you say goodbye to a friend you would say "laters" dude.
by KristinaJ October 11, 2005
Synonym of Laterz. Means "see you later", "bye", any word for saying "goodbye" :).
Sorry Gtg. Cya later. Laters. Bye. Blahblah...
by lol_nl September 02, 2006
a way of life. often combines with yeyeye to form a great call.
Ben: Its over! Laters!
Mikey: Yeyeyeye laterrrssssssss
Everyone: Yeyeye latersssssss!!!!

Alex: Omg i saw the hottest babe at south yarra station
Mikey: YEYEYE!!!
by wodota August 02, 2011
2 end a conversation
Look I'll hit u up later
by ol'girl November 12, 2003
to say bye to a person
i gotta go, Laters dude....
by Crizz Crozz July 01, 2003
Shorter version of: 'See you later'

Often used in the Dutch slang of the Netherlands/Holland both in messages and on the streets.
Hi Name,


by Betazoid86 November 05, 2010
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