Used to describe someone's character or behavior in a derogatory manner.
Dude, can you believe he pulled that shit again? He's one jankie-ass mother-fucker.

My momma always said, "Jankie is as jankie does"
by Dano April 05, 2004
When Jason quickly removes a pillow from behind Jerome's head without waking him up
"Tim licked me and then my pillow got Janked!"
replacement for fuck, or jack off
I janked my stank.
I janked that ho in her stank.
by stonkinator April 14, 2003
Not good; Poor; shite.
"Cowgirl is a jank slapper."
by adielaird March 21, 2003
1 noun coarse slang faeces,shit,2 verb intrans.(to)defecate.(janked ,janking)
"who's trodden all this chicken-jank on me new bloody rug?"
"how muchbogrolldo you need my Fredder?"
"oh,just two pieces bruv,I'm only goin' for a jank".
by Fredder Smith May 27, 2008
a female that u dont know there name individually
look at dem janks over there
by Baby bass September 27, 2006
A combination of the word jerk(as in jerk off), and wank(also, as in jerk off). Used as a term for masturbation, usually of the male variety.
So, I was janking the other night...
Damn, I gotta go jank
by G-Force15 June 13, 2006

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