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The process of being disliked by many because you are better than them
by *********** March 29, 2003
Any object or situation that is intensely disliked as a whole.
There is a subtle difference between using "hated" in this way, and in the traditional use "it is hated (by many)". In this case, "Hated" is used like the word "Hateful".
It's often used by itself, or as a one-word reply.
"I saw a cockroach run up the wall! Hated."

"I got pulled over today...."
"Ahhh.. Cops. Hated." (The person is sympathizing with the one who got pulled over by saying how much he hates cops too.)
by EmptyLighter June 22, 2007
What I am. And that's the way I like it. The wise words of Eminem, I quote:

"I only cuss to make your mom upset!"
I am the most hated motherfucker on Earth. You think I give a fuck?
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 29, 2003
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