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Stupid, smelly, worthless, annoying. usually not up to Erin McDonnell's standards. Not worthy of her greatness. Someone who is jank is someone who doesn't respect someone, and usually is looking for a good ass beating. If you are jank, you should probably run away from Erin McDonnell, before she gets her trashcan.
"Dude, Tiffany is going out with Erin's ex-boyfriend.."
"Man, that bitch is Jank. She loves sloppy seconds".
by justinbieberforever February 20, 2011
To stick it in her pooper.
I janked her so hard she pooped scabs for weeks!
by Jankeyboys August 12, 2009
let me play with yo dick a lil bit
He said jank, "let me play with yo dick a lil bit."
by bacardi apple April 13, 2009
verb: To verbally harass, tease, make fun of.
"We janked her bobo K-mart shoes so hard that she developed an eating disorder."
by Ash2009 January 23, 2009
another euphamism for masterbation from accidental slurring of the words 'jack' and 'yank' as written in the book of bob.
this is boring, i'm gonna go jank it and take a nap
by BTHM&SQUEEfly November 23, 2004
Used to describe someone's character or behavior in a derogatory manner.
Dude, can you believe he pulled that shit again? He's one jankie-ass mother-fucker.

My momma always said, "Jankie is as jankie does"
by Dano April 05, 2004
When Jason quickly removes a pillow from behind Jerome's head without waking him up
"Tim licked me and then my pillow got Janked!"