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When 2 people are trying to get to know one another, so they can hook up(boyfriend and girlfriend)
Big Scoop: Ey- you talkin to Kendra?
D-nyce: Naw, dats(thats) mah (my) gurl(girlfriend) now.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
When 2 ppl(people) are talking they are trying to get to know eachother a little more before they go out(become bf(boyfriend) and gf(girlfriend).
dj n jessica are talkin.
by babygurl94 September 07, 2008
When you are either a) too lazy to add the "g" on to "talking" or b) are from the south
by kaz17b March 10, 2003
when a person is talkin Bullshit; or just isnt making sense
jackie said "i just got on a plane with p diddy" you say "talkin"
by Anonymous September 05, 2002
havin relations wit
"u been talkin 2(fuckin) Rosa, pimpin?"
"last night and the night before. momz found 2 ruff ridah wrappers in my room this mornin, 2."
"(laughs)thats hella stoopid"
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
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