Jank is another term for cocaine.
you got some jank to snort?
by CoCoLaPush December 28, 2007
2 cars humping each other (usually used as a comperative word for things actually having sex)
Man, those 2 fat people having sex looks like a jank.
by bread infection November 09, 2005
Another word used for fuck.
"Yo, who u goin' jank tonight."
by Monie Love July 07, 2005
Any noun
"Look at the size of his jank."
"Mah baby's jank smells like butterscotch, yo!!!"
"This shit's so funny, I'm 'bout to piss in mah janks."
by David DiMatteo June 30, 2003
Meaning is reduntant meaningless anything positive negitive.
often seperated in terms by using "Jank in the good way" or "Jank in the bad way"

It is also reffered to as
a "Male Groin"
O my god i love you! you are so JANK!

I bought this tv its so JANK i hate it..


Your so Jank, in the BAD WAY! now go to hell jank.


Jank off!

your my best jank buddy

by MAJENSTA July 10, 2008
n. 1. a less-than-pleasant word for male or female ejaculate. 2. jank-rag- a piece of cloth used for cleaning up sexual residues.
We got jank all over the sheets again. or -- pass me the jank rag.
by Cornfield McGee October 27, 2004
A noun used in slang to describe both the penis and testicles.
Dude, the dog bit me like an inch from my janks!

Keep your hands away from my janks, bro!

I haven't had a shower in 4 days, and my janks is reeking dude!
by The Duke of Soul February 17, 2009

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