1) n. A mix between dank and junk. Can refer to anything, but usually something really cool.

2) adj. Really cool.
1) Yo lemme get that jank!

2) That shit is straight up jank!
by Artizz May 04, 2006
1. Noun.
A Substitute for the term, bitch.
2. Noun.
Any device that becomes used as an ash tray, which was not the original intended use. It is also disposable. Idealness of janks is determined based on the size of the opening and the ability to contain semi-burning cigarettes.
1. That kid is my jank.

2. A one pint container of ice cream = a jank.
A 20oz soda bottle = a more ideal jank.
Metal 12oz soda cans = the most ideal of all janks.
by Tim Hofstra March 19, 2006
Some guy who thinks he is the shit, but we know he is trying to pass himself off as something he is really not, and though he has some people fooled he can't quite meet the bar in reality. Because insincerity doesn't lead to cool confidence, sometimes he has to be a jerk. When wearing a rugby shirt, he is known as a strip-ed jank (stri-pid).
That poseur who got picked up by the preppycool fraternity is a little jank.
by the bomb of beta kappa December 03, 2004
another word for stuff or junk
I got a lot of jank in this book
Leave my jank alone son!
by Cachete February 25, 2004
ejaculate or nut.
I janked on her face
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
In a positive way it means the same as the pharse "That's sick!", a way to describe something as cool, awsome.

In a negative way it means that its messed up, wrong, retarded, stupid.
Person 1: Hey how was your date?
Person 2: Eh I didn't like him. His teeth were "Jank"

This weather is Jank...

Student 1: we have a pop quiz tomorrow....
Student 2: "That's Jank".
by That's so jank. January 06, 2011
Jank is another term for cocaine.
you got some jank to snort?
by CoCoLaPush December 28, 2007

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