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a word which can be used to describe or define something which is disgusting, yucky, smelly, unsightly or dirty. See also rancid
1. "Check out that old lady's hair. Now thats rotten"
2. Person 1: Dont eat that sandwich.
Person 2: Why not?
Person 1: It looks rotten.
Person 2: But i made it today. Its probably the egg thats making it look funny...
Person: No, not FUNNY. ROTTEN. and yes, it would have to be the egg.
by b3c September 11, 2005
The state of becoming drunk to the point of losing all semblance of humanity, decency, cleanliness, and self respect.
Did you see Laura at Padonia Station? She was so rotten she split her pants while dancing to Nelly's "Get Your Eagle On", it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen....
by ACJ May 03, 2007
A website where one can ogle dead bodies (
Did you see the botched suicide attempt on Rotten?
by Eat At Your Own Risk February 05, 2004
Adjective to express a feeling unhappiness, or having a bad day.
"I had a rotten day at work."
"I feel rotten."
"The weather today is rotten!"
by Berkeley Blatter January 18, 2004
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