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Joan is a stylish, fun, beautiful, sexy woman with a gorgeous, killer smile. Witty and sharp-tongued when necessary, Joan has a strong character and is extremely charming. She possesses many talents and is culturally aware. Men love Joan. Sure, she's broken a few hearts, but she does so with grace. Joan is widely adored and has many loyal and awesome female friends, however, dumb, bitchy girls tend to seethe with jealousy in her presence or at the very mention of her name, even if they've never met Joan. Men denied by her have also been known to become catty and a little psycho. (See unfavorable definitions for "Joan")
"When I grow up, I want to be Joan!"

"Look at Joan, she's always the most stylish woman in the room. And she's smart and sweet, too!"

"Joan is so awesome, you almost want to hate her, but she's just too darned charming!"

"Oh, that Joan!"

"There's something wrong with you if you don't like Joan!"
#joan #joanie #joni #joannie #jony #jone #hot #babe #charming #sexy
by wittier than you February 04, 2010
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Acronym for Jerk Off And Nap. As in masturbating and sleeping for a short duration of time immediately after.
Dude, I'm so hungover. I think I'm gonna J.O.A.N. when I get home.
#joan #joaning #jacking off #masturbating #whacking it
by beerleague October 23, 2011
Verb- To make fun of; put someone down, usually an African-American, normally in a jokingly way. To (J)oke (O)n (A) (N)igga
Reggie saw that boy's haircut, and just had to joan on him.

Reggie- "Son, you hair is too jacked up"
Chris- "Shutup bro, I know yo Webstar lookin ass aint tryna joan"
#joanin #cook #fry #dmv #dc #maryland #virginia #pg county #montgomery county #fairfax county #loudoun county
by Crobinson703 December 28, 2011
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